Friday, May 09, 2014

Playing with colour...

If you follow us over on instagram you will know I post a lot of work in progress shots. Designing a product takes a long thought process with lots of design time. Here is a tiny snapshot of adding a new colourway to an existing style. I wanted to add a new summery colour to our Summer Constellation collection so decided to add  pretty turquoise and pink colourways to our Deneb Earrings and Vega Necklace

Here's my colour process for the earrings, the shapes were already there but I still had a little fiddle. When designing a piece from scratch the process is much longer!
So I had the idea I wanted the pink and turquoise (i know the blue is a little wrong but you get the picture) but I didnt know which way round it should go. I quick drawing sorted that out. I also considered a circle for the stud part of the earring and actually had that cut too but decided against it.
I love when the cut shapes arrive, its a great time to play around with the shapes. Totally stoked with the colour combo!
And here's the finished product. Very happy with the outcome. We have some new products up in the shop right now, and more to follow!
Anna, CM 

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