Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Studio friend...

Quite a lot of the time I work alone in CM HQ. I do have help in the studio but not all the time. I had always worked in full, loud, busy design studios until I started Custom Made. Now most of the time things are quiet. I dont mind either way. Bustling people or quiet, I like both. I always have music playing so there is always noise. The Custom Made studio is the ground floor of our house so the way to the outside work for my little friend is through CM HQ.
 She often stops off and has a little wander and noses in boxes. Today there has been a mammoth cutting session (part of Christmas preparations) in the studio. As soon as the cutting table was clear Missy decided to have a nose around up there...

All this cutting was a little boring and rather exhausting. She eventually retired to her bed under the cutting table. Its nice to have company!
Anna, CM

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Laura said...

Your cat is so cute. Such a great assistant :)
Laura G

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