Friday, September 20, 2013

New in the shop...

Its 5pm on Friday and time to finish work! Hooray, BUT before I go I want to show you lovely people some new items in the shop.
Our little geometics range is very popular. Our Tiny Triangle Necklace and Tiny Triangle Studs sell very well, as do our Shapes and Equilateral Necklaces. I wanted to build some extra items into the range but also wanted to add another texture and some colour to the range...
I have been looking at a lot of photos of fashion and art from the 80's. I have been looking at a lot of photos of Joan Collins in Dynasty! I have also been looking at a lot of photos from space. I really like Science fiction novels. Thats no secret. So all those influences have crept into these new items...
So we have the Altair Necklace (top) the Hex Earrings and the Vega Necklace (bottom) I'm very pleased with how these turned out. The fit well with our other geo items and we have added a touch of glitter! Great for Autumn. Their names come from the Summer Triangle constellation which is visible in the nothern hemisphere in Autumn. Very apt. I hope you like them. 
Anna, CM 

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