Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday morning heads up's...

I like Monday mornings.
I am always super excited about all the things I have to do in the week ahead. I do my planning list and check on things that have gone on/come in over the weekend.
I usually sit down put some music on and get going.
I had been looking forward to listening to the new Bleached album, so that was the first thing I put on when I came into the studio this morning. Its good. I like it. The cover is great too. Try it out.
The other thing I spotted this morning via Karen Walker on Instagram was the photo from their kidswear range for Uniqlo. 
I cant wait to see more of this. Karen Walker is my favorite designer and this kidswear range looks great. Its inspired by child geniuses. Amazing. I think it will be available in Japan first but I'm sure it will roll out around the rest of the world. 
So that's it for now, I have some pattern cutting to do today that I am rather excited about.
Anna, CM 

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