Tuesday, April 02, 2013


We are back in action in the Custom Made studio today. I, Anna have been on holiday. Sick of the cold and a desire for the sun led me to Los Angeles last week. Oh and it was sunny...and warm...and lovely *sigh* Anyway I'm back and I wanted to show you a couple of purchases I made.
As you have probably gathered from this blog and the general Custom Made vibe, I like bright colours and pattern...lots of it. I have been snooping around on the Madewell website for a while so was pleased to have the chance to visit a store. As a result these shoes are no longer just a pin on pinterest...yipee!
I am going to a wedding in a few weeks and I thought these shoe would be perfect. I also spied these socks below and had to have a pair. They are a colab with Madewell and Happy Socks. I like Happy Socks.

Anthony was slightly concerned I was going to wear the two together but I have other plans for the shoes. Neon striped sock here I come!
So that's it for today, back to work for me packing all the orders you guys placed while I was away. Oh and by the way we have EXTENDED OUR 20% EASTER DISCOUNT CODE!!!  Its not to be missed!
Anna, CM 

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