Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back and shippin'

Hi People,

Well, CM HQ is in full swing again after our little trip away last week. Shipping is back to normal. Whats been going on, well I have been in Croatia. Anthony my BF was racing in a rally there.

I have a new policy- any opportunity to do something cool I go with it, especially if it involves going to a country I have never been before. Life is not all about work although when you run your own business sometimes it seems that way! So this month was Croatia, next month is a new road trip...cant wait. Anyway Croatia is a beautiful country full of really friendly people. Go off the beaten track though and signs of the war are everywhere. Very sad. Go there, its a great country and the sea is beautiful. I ate calamri every day!

So I am back and work is ON! There was a lot of packages of fabric to open upon my return so there will be some new bits coming up. Also jewellery findings so new jewellery coming up.

Also Custom Made will be taking part in We Make London's Summer fair. So we will be preparing for that very soon.
We also have some other exciting things coming up but we will let you know about those later!
So keep your eye on the site and remember you can be a fan on FACEBOOK and folow us on TWITTER.

Thanks a lot

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