Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All about the graphic novel....

When I went to see Kick-Ass I saw the trailer for Scott Pilgrim V. the World. I knew it was based on a graphic novel so I decicied to hunt it down. With the demise of Borders (RIP) I had to go to Waterstones. Scott's stories come in volumes I discovered. Waterstones only had 3 and 4. Rubbish!
So I went online, and my new fave book shop is the Book Depository. Its super cheap! I bought some Japan travel books earler this year and they were way cheaper than Waterstones so I went back there. Paying £5 instead of £8 for a book...how can you go wrong.
So after a long winded ramble (Im good at them) the moral is Scott Pilgrim = awesome go and read! Oh and buy them from BD they are much cheaper. I'm fired up for volume 2 the books are a lot of fun!

Anna, CM

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