Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things I Love......Smitten Kitten.

I couldnt resist adding another "things i love" to the blog! Now this very scarf I was VERY lucky to snap up at Renegade Craft Fair. Now its no easy feat shopping and running a booth there I can tell you! For a start leaving your boyfriend to fend for himself with lots of ladies buying purses, bags and necklaces is a bit mean, no wait thats not mean at all, all those ladies?!! Anyway I managed to get away a few times and on each of those trips I passed (a couple of booths down from me) this fab booth with pretty tote bags with apples on, they caught my eye every time. Then I spotted this scarf!!! Isnt it the most amazing scarf you have ever seen!! I was certainly smitten. Anyway in typical me style I though ah well I will nip back tomorrow and get one. When I nipped back in the morning to my horror they only had three left!!!! This of course sent me running back to my booth and then back to the Smitten Kitten booth with money in hand. So now I am the proud owner of a very beautiful Smitten Kitten scarf all the way from Canada, but the awesomeness of the company doesnt stop at scaves. Go and have a look what else is on offer you wont be dissapointed

Anna, CM


Lisa M said...

wow! that scarf is soooo cool. I have to have one...where?

Lisa M said...

Duh! sorry I see smitten kitten!

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