Friday, January 12, 2007

I think...........

Anthony bought me this present the other day and now I think I'm in love.....with the glue gun! What I hear you all do craft stuff and you only just got a glue gun! What the hell is wrong with you. I know, I know, being a crafter and not having a glue gun is like working for Prada and not having a handbag or working for Burberry and not having Mac? Maybe that wasnt such a good example. OK, working for Levis and not owning any jeans.........maybe thats better. So anyway I have now learnt the error of my way and am glueing like a mad woman...........and its cordless woo hoo!

1 comment:

Mia said...

Hi there!
Thank you for my lovely apple necklace (bought on Sunday) its the greatest!
Mia xxxx

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