Thursday, June 11, 2015

Trigonometry and Science...

We have a couple of exciting things going on at the moment.
The current exhibition at the O3 gallery in Oxford is Trigonometry so when the lovely Kate over there asked me to supply some of our jewellery to accompany the exhibition I jumped at the chance. As you can imagine Kate chose some of our geometric shape pieces like the Summer Triangle Brooch and the Symmetry Necklace to name a few. Head over there to see the exhibition. I dropped in when they were hanging the show and need to nip in again now its up.
The other great event we are involved in is The Poundshop at the Science Museum. Very exciting. We took part in The Poundshop at the ICA before Christmas so I was thrilled to be taking part in this one. If you dont know about the Pounshop, Sara & George organise these superb collabs with various organisations to bring a modern take on the classic pounshop in great settings. The curate an excellent selection of products and the price points start at £1. So visit the Science Museum. It opens on the 24th. You will not be dissapointed by the products for sale.

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