Thursday, January 15, 2015

Design times...

I hope everyone is surviving the cold and dark and general after Christmas-ness. Its hard work for sure.
I like January from a work perspective. I always feel ready to create and I find its a great month for creating and finalizing new ranges. In the crazy run up to Christmas I always have lots of ideas and no time to see them through so I log the ideas and put them into work in January. So, that said there are lots of new products on their way for you guys.

I thought I would share a few photos today of work in progress. I like sharing work in progress.
 First up are our new Segment Drop Studs, I have been using this lovely brass shape for a little while now and thought it would be fantastic as a pair of statement earrings. So here they are! They will be up in the shop soon to sit with our very popular Aquila Necklace I am working on another necklace to sit with them, we will see how that works out.
 Next up are these FABULOUS leatherettes (above) that arrived in the post this morning. They had me spinning round in the studio with excitement this morning. For the Autumn 2014 season we added some super leatherette clutches and purse. Well, they turned out to be very popular and as you have probably gathered I am a little bit of a colour addict so the next step was to introduce so eye popping colours for Spring. Watch this space for our progress. I think you are going to like the results. As we have done with the gold/grey combo we will be mixing the eye popping colours for a less subtle look!
 Above are more leatherette samples gathered for inspiration. Why leatherette and not leather? Well, I like leatherette, its as simple as that. Its easy to work with, sews like a dream so it makes production very easy. It comes in lots of fantastic colour's. It wipes clean. And if you don't like leather (vegetarian or vegan perhaps) its great for you. We are not using it as a cheap alternative to leather (good quality leatherette like we use is not cheap!) Its a great fabric that makes great purses and clutches. End of story.
Last in our little tour is a grey/gold version of our Aquila Necklace In the run up to Christmas Custom Made took part in the Poundshop at the ICA. Very exciting for us! Well the Poundshop team asked me to design a second colourway of the necklace and thats how the grey/gold combo came about. We have a few extras here at CM HQ so they will be going in the shop very soon.

Thats it for now.

Anna, CM

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