Thursday, April 03, 2014

NOW + 4EVA...Architecture in Helsinki


I love Architecture In Helsinki. I first fell in love with their music on a very jet lagged night in L.A at the Fonda Theatre. I had never seen them before (they were supporting another band) who I quite frankly didnt give a shit about seeing after I had seen AIH. Sorry other band.
I have all their albums and was pretty excited to find out they were releasing a new one NOW + 4EVA.
To celebrate the launch of the album they have set up a concept store in Melbourne Central (Melbourne, Australia) where you can listen to and purchase the album and a selection of fantastic products, a result of collaborations with local designers. The products sit perfectly together. I love collaborations.
 In a time where in lots of instances we download music and have no contact with an actual 'album' I think this makes a superb interactive shopping experience.

Fantastic resin bangles by Dale Hardiman
 I love these 3D Architecture In Helsinki edibles by Lucy McRae The colours are perfect.
Love love love these neoprene bags by Witu

If I was in the area, I would have been there in a shot and would have, without a doubt purchased more than the album! I have listened to the album on Spotify but will order the album online. I'm going to go for vinyl.
Anna, CM 

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