Monday, February 03, 2014

R U Mine?

Two blog posts in a day? Why yes. When you see the genius of this card you will see the urgency I'm pretty sure.
I spotted said card on Instagram a couple of days ago and its made by a Scottish chum of mine Claire of The Bellwether. I like Claire, she too runs a little company making things and its always a delight when our paths cross at fairs and things. Renegade Craft Fair in London we get to chat once a year, but I swoon at her handsome dog Max weekly on Instagram.
Have a look at this super duper card from The Bellwether for Valentines day.
Its a card with a music quiz. Guess the song. Guess the artist. All the songs are of a romantic nature...natually!
And...the answers are written in teeny tiny script and the card comes with a little magifying glass so you can read them.
THAT my friends is amazing.
You can get yours RIGHT HERE. Take a look at all The Bellwether has to offer. There's some lovely stuff over there.
This is Claires handsome dog Max. Isnt he handsome?

Anna, CM

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