Friday, February 21, 2014

My cat collection and VSCO...

Its Friday!
And the sun is shining.
A perfect day to share some pieces of my ever growing cat collection.

We have an excellent carboot right on out doorstep ( I think I have blogged about it before) anyway this is where I score mot of my cats.
Siamese seems to be a theme for nick nacks/ornaments. My newest score was the lovely blue eyed fella at the top. he was 50p! The pretty guy in the middle was actually a purchase from Clare Nicolson and he is very much treasured.
If you follow Custom Made on instagram you would probably have seen my cats before. I love using VSCO to edit my photos prior to posting on Instagram. Its a great photo editing app for smart phones and I love looking through the photos with the #vsco. I have found some lovely photographers to follow that way. As you can see, I'm really loving adding a pinkish tint to photos.
Have a great weekend.
Anna, CM

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