Monday, November 18, 2013

The whole caboodle...

I just realised I hadnt shown you blog readers our two new-ish pairs of earring which sit in the 'Summer Triangle' range with the Altair and the Vega necklaces.
So why the Summer Triangle you may ask? Well as you can tell this range features quite a few triangles. And something you didnt know? Well, I (Anna) am pretty obsessed with space. I collect old science fiction novels and, yes, read them. The Summer Triangle is a pattern of stars visible in the northern hemisphere in Autumn. See its all starting to fit together right? Its an Autumn range. Anyway the three brightest stars in this pattern that sit in a triangle, much the same shape as the Constellation Earrings (above)
The three stars are Vega, Deneb and Altair. So that's where the names for the two necklaces and earrings came from and then we dropped the constellation in for good luck.
Hope you like them...well actually we are sold out of the constellation earrings until later in the week  so I think we can safely say they are a hit :) The Vega and Altair necklaces are getting low until the next drop so if you want one you will have to drop in to the shop pretty quick!
Anna, CM 

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