Monday, August 12, 2013

Work in progress...

I wanted to share some work in progress from here at CM HQ. The design process is a fun one. I carry lots of ideas around in my head and every so often I have to empty the section of my brain that holds them. Its always rather full!
Once my ideas are down in writing I assemble the components I want to use and have a play. I have been looking at lots of photos from the late 70's and early 80's lately and I am pretty obsessed with Halston and space. The photo you see above is an initial design session. The finished items will probably look nothing like this but its a process.
 I'm in love with these new tigers I received last week. They are vintage. I cant wait to show you the finished items.
 The design process moving on. Introducing new shapes and colours. All the photos are from our Instagram feed. You can follow Custom Made @custommadeuk.
 I hope you like little insight into a little corner of Custom Made design. Its a process I learnt to work with at University. I studied fashion design. Its all about the design process!
We will let you know when this new collection is ready. It should be very soon.
Anna, CM


R.V said...

Love the tiger :)

Rachel V

katie texas said...

I cant wait to see the tigers in your store ;)
Katie (from Texas)

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