Saturday, August 03, 2013

When good arrows go bad...then good again.

So. I decided to make myself a necklace yesterday. I am really into short chains at the moment. I found this little sterling silver curb chain in my chain storage box and thought I would add a little arrow to it.
 Hmmm, I wonder where the balance point is I thought. So light bulb moment, I balanced the arrow on a ruler until I found it. Then being silly didn't mark the point very accurately. Result= arrow pointing North West!!! Very annoying! Then disaster happened...I snapped the arrow.
Number 1. I hate defeat.
Number 2. I hate waste.
Result...I filed and finished and drilled the two broken pieces and voila- a broken arrow necklace. I really like it. I am enjoying wearing it!
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Anna, CM

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Sideburn Magazine said...

I want a broken arrow necklace!
x Ben

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