Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grab bags...

We make jewellery as you know, and over the past while we have gathered quite a lot of charms etc which sit neatly in little boxes. Some are samples we bought and decided not to go ahead with, some are end of line. All are rather lovely. Anyway we decided you guy might like some of these charms. They need to be released from these little boxes! So we have some grab bags available to you.
Our first grab bag contains flower cabochons perfect for making earrings and rings etc, you get 30 in the bag.
Our second grab bag is a mix of new and vintage charms etc, you get 30 (yes 30!) pieces in the bag

Each one is different but selected with care. We will always put flowers in in pairs so you can make earrings. its a great starter pack for jewellery makers.
Grab then while you can!
Anna, CM 

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