Monday, April 15, 2013

Car Boot Sale Booty...

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I love composing a Monday morning blog post. I did one of fave things yesterday. Went to the car boot sale which is very near my house. I was a little sad as lots of my fave sellers werent there but I managed to pick up this lovely little owl.
I bought it from a regular seller who has a horse lorry packed with house clearance items. She had 3 boxes filled with 200 owls! I had a rummage and pulled out this lovely little fella. She told me it took her and her husband 2 days to clear this house. Anthony (my BF) said " let that be a warning to you!"
Im not sure what that says about my nik nak collection, anyway my new owl is happily sitting with my cat (below) who I bought from Clare Nicolson
Enough about my nik nak addiction. I have lots of work to do. Number 1 on the list this morning is to finish a couple of brooch designs I want sampled this week. Quite excited about them!
Anna, CM 

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