Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Its print time...and other things

I do seem to be keeping up on the blogging. I am very pleased with myself! There are lots of things going on at CM HQ at the moment. Our studio has had a refurb. If you follow us on instagram you will have seen a couple of photos (we are @custommadeuk) While we are on the subject of Instagram here's a little selection of the fun we have been having with it! of the things I have floating around in my head is a new print for a bag. One of my favorite things is designing prints etc for packaging, business cards, the website etc. We havent produced a printed bag for some time so its on! At the moment I have to print in my head. I need to get down to the actual design. What I can tell you is that it will feature our Geo Cat and Geo Rabbit. I'm looking forward to getting down to the design proper.
In the meantime we have wholesale orders to fill this week so you lovely people can get your Custom Made goodies!
See you on the blog soon.
Anna, CM

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