Friday, January 18, 2013

Catty Friday!

Its all about cats today on the blog. 
I am very happy with my lovely china cat I bought from Clare Nicolsons online jumble! Clare has a jumble section on her website where she is selling lots of vintage treasures. I snapped up this cat double quick.

As most of you in the UK well know, its snowing like crazy in a lot of places today :) Here is Missy the Custom Made studio cat desperately trying to get my attention to be let in out of the snow. She kind of dances against the door. When I am listening to music in the studio sometimes she looks like she is dancing in time! Its pretty funny.

Shameless catty product plug. Its our Geo Cat Brooch! They come in grey and black. You can grab one RIGHT HERE :)

All the photos are from our instagram feed. We are @custommadeuk 

Have a great weekend people. Enjoy the snow.
Anna, CM

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