Monday, October 01, 2012

Pin cushions...

We often get asked to do special one of little projects and we love them, so when Jo at Darn It and Stitch asked us to make some pin cushions for her lovely shop I was very happy to do so.
I have a special little section in the fabric store for pieces of fabric I have bought on my travels that are too small to do something big with (a whole run of purses for example) or maybe a little piece from the end of a run that's just too beautiful so say goodbye to. The pieces are lovingly folded and put away ready for a project they fit. Well this little project fit exactly. So we made a run of square pin cushions, all different, made from mostly printed linens. Then we did a selection of Russian dolls which work wonderfully as pin cushions.

I was teaching in Darn It and Stitch on Saturday so snapped a photo of the little display (complete with pins) I was also very pleased to see a lady buy a little hedgehog one when I was leaving the shop. Brilliant!
Anna, CM

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