Wednesday, August 01, 2012


If you read this blog on a regular basis you will know I teach sewing classes at the super duper Oxford shop Darn it and Stitch
Well, I seem to have now after 2 years of teaching managed to take a few photos! Maybe its just because I have a phone with a good camera now and post lots of things on Instagram (if you are an instagrammer we are custommadeuk)
So, the last class I taught was pyjamas. Actually we made a very simple pair of pyjama bottoms. It was a beginners class. I like the beginners classes. It was a good exercise in pattern cutting for me too. I don't have to really worry about size charts and pattern grading for Custom Made so it was good to dust the cobwebs off. It was very easy grading though especially after stealing a size chart from *ahem* one of the high street stores websites I was well away.
So I had a very simple pattern in three sizes for the students to use.
This was the pair I made as a sample as Jo likes to have an example of the items you can make in the classes hanging in the shop to tempt the works well! I already had a pattern I made a long time ago for myself so it was just a case of grading it into the three sizes.
Sewing away...
I didn't manage to take lots of photos but just snapped these two ladies as they were finishing up and leaving.  Nice contrast ribbons at the waist!
A good, fun class. Next up is the zip tote bag class on the 25th August. For timetable and info on all classes GO HERE

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Michelle Tsang said...

Its so lovely to see your sewing classes in action. The pyjamas are lovely.
Michelle Tsang

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