Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sewing classes!

Finally! After nearly 2 years of teaching sewing classes at Darn it and Stitch I finally took some photos. So, yes for nearly 2 years on some Saturdays I teach sewing classes at a beautiful little shop in Oxford owned by the lovely Jo.
Pretty little shop? Correct. Plus its contents (sewing supplies, fabrics, wool, haberdashery etc etc) are also fantastic. Upstairs is a lovely little room where we teach on Saturdays. Jo runs a massive range of classes all run by different teachers.
I teach sewing. Most of my classes are for beginners. My favorite is the the beginners cushion cover class. That's for people who have never sewn before, never even touched a sewing machine. I am usually faced by a little group of terrified ladies at 11pm then at 3pm they go home with big grins carrying their cushions.
I love that.
Anyway, last Saturday I taught a knickers class. We made very pretty vintage-y frilly knickers. I'm not usually the knicker lady. Verity (Made by Loulabelle) usually teaches the knicker class but she has just had a baby so I filled in for her.
I have to say it was very different teaching ladies who had more sewing experience. I'm used to threading sewing machines and untangling thread and unpicking! None had ever sewn with elastic though so that was good. It was a lovely class to teach.
Anyway here are some photos of the finished product.
Love the saucy leopard print!
 Student of the day goes to Anna above, she had a terrible cold but soldiered on until the last half hour (I finished her waistband and closed the side seam for her, poor thing was done for!) She was very good at sewing though.

These are my knickers, I made these last week (thought I better have a practice!)

A lovely bunch to teach, great knickers too! My next class is on the 21st July. We will be making pyjama bottoms. If you fancy having a go at sewing pyjama bottoms, making knickers or any of the other great classes Jo runs have a look at the workshop website PINWORKS. You wont be disappointed!

Anna, CM 

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