Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well its been a crazy few weeks. Busy= good though. There are lots of things going on here at Custom Made. Lots of new products in works and preparation for Pulse in 4 weeks. Its the first time we are showing there so its pretty exciting. I was also on holiday last week in beautiful Croatia. We drove there. I love a road trip! Here are a few Instagram snaps...
The lovely M25 on a Wednesday afternoon, engine off sitting
The M25 is long behind us, mountains, Austria!
We lost our travel companions in Austria so we stopped to wait for them by this beautiful castle.
I love driving speedboats, look at the sea, so blue.
Back to reality after our time away, but very happy to be included in the  Pulse mail out!
So its back to work this week. I do have a little bit of a suntan though. Only a little bit. I am a bit of a vampire when it comes to the sun.

If you are visiting Pulse come say hello. We are stand S30a.

Anna, CM

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