Monday, April 02, 2012


Packaging your products can be a minefield! That sounds very dramatic...sorry. Over the years we have tried lots of different methods. I have toyed with a fabric packaging for a while now. Custom Made is all about fabric right?
Anyway I settled on this today. Its a little square of fabric tied with a ribbon, a little wrapping cloth. As you can imagine we have lots of odds and ends of fabric at CM HQ and I cant think of a better way to use them. Its green (it uses scraps of fabric that might end up in the bin) and its rather pretty!
From now on all necklaces purchased in the SHOP will come to you in one of these neat little packages. The fabric will differ, you will get whatever we have, but it will be pretty and the ribbon will match!

Anna, CM


L said...

Lovely idea <3

Liezl said...

Inspiring to look at all the loveliness on your blog!

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