Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Crafty Mum...

Under my desk in my office is one of these rugs my Mum made when I was little* My Mum is quite the crafty lady. Anyway, she decided to make another. Its lap size so far as you can see but she is going great guns and its getting bigger.
The really great thing about the rug is its crocheted from old t-shirts. My Mum has been recycling/upcycling for years! Wombling, I like to call it.
The one under my desk is crocheted from plain and floral synthetic clothing of the early 80's. The one you see on her lap is crocheted from old t-shirts from American Apparel, Gap and wherever else my Dad gets his t-shirts from. Thats the only difference.
As you can see, she cuts a bit (in strips round and round the t-shirt) then crochets a bit.
I cant wait to see it finished. I will show you all when its finished.

Anna, CM

*The one under my desk needs a wash- therefore no photo! Yes you can machine wash them too.

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