Thursday, January 12, 2012

State of Craft

I know I am very late with this, the book has been out for a while you go anyway. Here is my project for the lovely book State of Craft. Thank you Victoria for including Custom Made's giant cushions!
Nearly 5 years ago we moved from a very small house to a larger house. All our friends laughed at us because we had 1 little sofa and a very little TV. Since moving into the house Anthony and I decided to become wombles. You know making good use of the thigs that we find etc.
We didnt want to fill our house up with expensive things, we decided to womble things a little more. Hence the giant cushions/bean bags.
We needed more seating. Our sofa fits 3 people at best but we didnt want to buy another so I decided to make GIANT beanbags. We have three in the living room. Because they are square you can sit them upright and they make soft giant chairs. If you lay them on their sides they make sort of comfy hamocky sort of beds pefect for film viewing.
So I decided to pass them on via this book. They are very simple to make and you can use the pattern for lots of end uses if you change the size; giant bean bags, a comfy pet bed or cushions for your sofa.
Anna, CM
You can buy State of Craft HERE there are LOTS of lovely projects.

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