Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Blog and Buy Sale...

We are very pleased to have a stall on Blog and Buy Sale for the month of January! Our 'virtual stall' is stall 9. The idea is to showcase creatives works on the site on a Monthly basis. We will have a stall for the month of January. I love the idea.
There are lots of other lovely sellers this month including Jo Cheung, Harriet Gray, Finest Imaginary and lots of other lovely sellers. 21 in total. 
Here's a little screen shot of our stall, the products are below. I had a little trouble with the banner, simple as it looks it was one of 'those' days! I quite like it now though...
For the month of January Society 6 will be picking their favourite stall. How cool is that.
Go and have a look at our STALL HERE Oh and buy one of the products if you fancy. Each products link straight to the site. Oh and 25% off in the shop till Friday!
Anna, CM

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