Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Sorry I just had to share this (and sorry about the bad photo) We have had a lodger for the past 2 weeks, Jessie my nephews rabbit. Turns out our little cat Missy quite likes rabbits. Infact there has been quite a friendship going on!
I have been a little nervous about the whole thing. Missy is only 6 months old and quite 'bitey' Anyway they have been having this little friendship through the bars of the rabbit hutch. Jessie rolling her little wooden toy up to the bars and Missy reaching through and patting it.
Anthony sent me this photo on Sunday while I was out. He let Jessie out of her cage and the two of them scampered around for the morning.
Yesterday Jessie went back home and Missy keeps looking for her in the garden...poor little Miss!
Anna, CM

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