Friday, May 27, 2011

Amelias Compendium of Fashion Illustration at Comma...

So on Wednesday afternoon I jumped on the 3A bus with my bag of tricks and headed up to Comma on the Iffley Road in Oxford. I usually head up to Comma (on foot) to drop of Custom Made goodies but not Tuesday...oh no. Currently Amelia Gregory of Amelias Magazine is on a whistlestop tour of lovely venues to talk about her book Amelias Compendium of Fashion Illustration. And a fine book it is too.So I arrived at Comma with said bag of tricks, and set up my little 'make a rosette brooch with Custom Made' area on a rather nice table the Comma guys had ready for me.
CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE- pics Amelia Gregory
As well as my little brooch making set up  George and Davies our lovely local ice cream geniuses provided a special one off ice cream for the event and a local baker The Good Biscuit Company brought fantastic biscuits!
It was a lovely relaxed evening, people chatted, ate ice cream and biscuits and listened to the talk by Amelia about her fab books and magazine. It was great to hear about the driving force behind her work. I know what drives me so its good to hear what drives others. I highly recommend both books- very beautiful with work by lots of talented people.
So all in all a great night. LOTS of people made brooches with me (totaly pleased about that) So thanks to Sally and Dave for inviting me. For those of you in the Oxford area or visiting I cant tell you enough how lovely Comma is. I could buy everything in the shop!

Unfortunately along with my pinking shears my camera was left at home. Amelia kindly said I could use some of her pics from the night so click on the pic above to have a look. Info on pics below-
1. The lovely Comma...sign panited by Ben Javens
2. Products in store
3. Mural inside Comma by Gemma Correll
4. Amelias Compendium of Fashion Illustration
5. Custom Made brooch making table!
6. As above
7. Amelias lovely brooch!
8. Making Amelais brooch
9. Ladies making brooches with me
10. Finished work!
11. Rachel (Hello Wilson) and Dave from Comma enjoying the ice cream
12. The Good Biscuit Company biscuits (YUM)

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