Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What a lovely weekend! Anthony and I spent a few days in Devon and Cornwall in the lovely sunshine then on Monday we watered a speedway track! If someone asked me if I thought I would ever in my life water a speedway track I would have thought they were mad...until yesterday.
Anthony is helping sort out the long unused speedway track at Oxford for a race in a couple of weeks time and needed some help. We always help each other out (he is a regular selling Custom Made wares at craft fairs etc) so off we went on a sunny Monday to Oxford Speedway track.
 Thats me watering the track, I am such a girl (ruined a new pair of red shoes they are now brown)
 Driving the van round the track dragging a chain hoe...soemthing else I never thought I would do ever!
 Anthony watering....yes that pose is intentional!
Me and Geoff driving the vans round dragging grading equipment...Geoff counted, he did 5.5 miles round the track.
So that was Monday, now its Tuesday and back to making pretty things! More track watering on Wednesday I think...

Anna, CM

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Lucy Is said...

ha ha looks like fun on a sunny day :)


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