Monday, March 28, 2011


Im really enjoying Pinterest
Its a place where you can curate mood boards/pretty pictures/whatever you would like to call them. You can follow others and their boards. You pin photos to your boards and you can repin photos from others boards to your own.
Im glad I stared my account as I would never have found this photo pinned by the lovely Lucy Davidson I swiftly re-pinned it to my colour board. How cute? Get over to Pinterest and start an account, its a lovely way to put together your inspirations...
You can find me on Pinterest right HERE

Oh, and we have a new necklace for you in the shop. Its called the 'My Arrow' Necklace named after this song I love it...
For a better look at it and all the other deets go over to the SHOP (and you can get 20% off!)

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