Thursday, March 03, 2011

All busy on the Custom Made front....

There hasnt been much time for blogging of late, we are flat out at CM HQ at the moment.

We are very busy stocking up our ace stockists. Our stock sheets are lined up and ready to go!
Inbetween the parcels going out the door on a daily basis I am woking on a project I will be able to tell you all about very soon, and I am teaching sewing classes as Darn It & Stitch.

Its all going on! Its great...being busy keeps you alive :)

We also have loads of new items in the shop. Our lovely foxes and tigers and other wild animals are very popular. We are a bunch of animal lovers!

Also new very soon will be new bags. I am currently in the process of draughting a bunch of new patterns (yes we do that in house too) so look out for new bags over the next few weeks. Also a little collection of new lazer cut jewels are in work. Look out for those.

Thats about it today....back to work!

Anna, CM

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