Saturday, November 13, 2010


Another week nearer to Christmas! I know I know you dont want to hear that but for us here at Custom Made its a craaaaazy time.
Not much blogging at the moment Im afraid!
What do we have to tell you all? Well we have new products for you...more than I can list so go on over to the WHATS NEW! section of the website. We have over there a very cute brooch called 'sweet treats' its cute!
We have lots of new stockists! Lots of love from the countries the end of the Channel Tunnel! We have Les Fleurs in Paris, Area in Denmark and Form Designware in Belgium. Go over to our STOCKISTS page for a full list. There are more to come too!
We are very happy that our new Paint the Forest scarves were so popular but as it says in a previous post they are all sold out. BUT we have a new design coming very soon....look out for those.
We were also featured on the lovely site Domestic Sluttery this week...go over and check that little feature out.
We will be taking part in some lovely Christmas fairs, we will be selling our usual range plus some Chistmas treats! Here is the list of fairs. Hope to see you at one or two!

Thats it for today, have a great weekend!

Anna, CM

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