Friday, October 15, 2010

A very frustrating week....

Everything that could have gone wrong this week has....

We have had machine problems in the studio, holding up our heavy production load. Thanks to the postal service we have all manner of things caught up too. We are super busy here at Custom Made at the moment which is ace but when a couple of things go wrong all hell can let loose pretty quickly! But you know I am a calm person most of the time so after 5 minutes of rrrrrraaaaaaah! I calm down and carry on!
Things seem to be returning to normal now, on Friday, but we could do with a couple more days this week.
So lots of new stuff to tell you about next week, we have three new stockists on the books. I will tell you about those next week.
We have some lovely new products too, but again its going to be next week for those too.

Have a good weekend people!

Anna, CM

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I think you have a very bad week. I love to read your blog keep on doing the good work.

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