Wednesday, September 08, 2010

We are back....

Actually we have been back since Monday but hey....
So its business as usual at the CM HQ we are busy this week stocking up our stores etc etc. Talking about stores we have a new/old stockist! We are back and stocking at the lovely Green Apple online store. Very happy about this! So you can nip over and see their fantastic wares right here.
So, Anthony and I have been in Germany/Austria for 9 days. We visited a friend first then spent 4 days in Berlin then the rest of the time was spent on a couple of race tracks with Anthony and some other friends. Super fun!
Berlin was ace, a great place to visit just filled with lovely shops, great restaurants and great bars. I didnt know quite how obsessed Anthony was with communism, the cold war and spies! I soon found out. So the botton four photos were taken in Berlin. The top one is of us after racing, not sure why I have the coy Lady Di face on!!!!
So its back to work, we have lots of new things in the pipeline so we will keep you posted right here!
Anna, CM


Sideburn Magazine said...

So your husband is a spy?! This makes a whole lot of sense and answers a lot of questions, not to mention people keeling over at bus stops with umbrella wounds, and motorcyclist mysteriously crashing. BP

Anna, CM said...

Exactly Ben!

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