Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stuff I love...Monty the Fox

Before Christmas I did the super craft fair We Make London
Opposite me was Sara Carr who makes the loveliest knitted things I have ever seen. The loveliest I think is Monty
I had a crush on him from the beginning of the day, I kept hinting to Anthony that I really loved him but to no avail...or so I thought.
On Christmas morning I opened a present and guess who was inside! That boy has mad sneaky skills!
Apparently when I went to get my lunch Anthony bought him and stuffed him in his pocket. Very clever. Very sneaky!
So my very own Monty sleeps on our bed with this little fellow. They are great friends.
Anna, CM


Glassprimitif said...

Hello. Aleximo Croissant has nominated you for a blog award. To find out more please go here
Regards Jo

Anna said...

thank you so much

Anna, Custom Made x

Helen Cuthbert said...

Ah that's so sweet of him :0) Monty the Fox is very cute!

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