Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone...

Hi to you all,

I hope you had a good Christmas and Newy Year! Its good to be (sort of) back at work. I am battling with a nasty cold and trying hard to be back at it!

We have a few office issues at the moment, thats why the website is a little bit in Chistmas mode. These issues are being fixed as we speak. The website is still up and running and orders are flowing out!!! No problems there.

Well its been another crazy year for Custom Made. More customers than ever and its brilliant. I am so happy with the way the company is going and let me assure you there are lots of new things coming. Lots of new products both in product form and still floating around in my brain ready to take shape.

Thanks to all the super people who have helped Custom Made run smoothly this year, you know who you are!

Oh and you guys who have contacted us about too wit too woo shoppers- dont worry they are nearly back in stock. The postman should be deliverying a very big roll of owls to CM HQ today. If I hear the bell with these damn blocked ears!

Anna, CM x

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