Monday, December 21, 2009


Yep I know I am super late with this and this is the only photo taken on the day! Well not the only photo in history but the only photo taken with our camera.
So here is the Custom Made table, we had a rather super coat stand at the side with all our bags hanging, thank you Ebay.
Behind the table you see me and Kirsty making brooch pins (for Kirsty) frantically before the shopping hungry hoards came in at 12! As usual it was a brilliant day, lots of fund and really nice to see shoppers and vendor pals alike!
Alice took some nice photos, you can have a look at them on her blog. In the photo of me I am pulling a funny face- sorry Alice I always do that! I think it makes my nose look like a pointed carrott!

Have a great Christmas peeps!

Anna, CM

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