Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kitsune Noir Mixcasts...

Do you work in an office/studio on your own. I do most of the time so music keeps me sane. The newest addition to the list of stuff I listen to is the Kitsune Noir Mixcasts. Put together by the gentleman who does Kitsune Noir they are my Friday treat. Well Saturday this week. I also download them to my ipod for repeat listens. I love being introduced to songs/artists I havent listened to and hearing artists I have loved for ages (Architecture in Helsinki, Rilo Kiley, Devendra Banhart etc)
With my all time favourite podcast Pink Belt Rage long gone these mixcasts have filled a space in my ears!? Not the most eloquent way to put it but well I love them.
Anna, CM


Helen Cuthbert said...

Hello. Nice to meet you today :0) I loved your stall. Helen (manillamade) x

Anna, Custom Made said...

Hi Helen!

It was so nice to meet you too. Keep up your blog...its great!

Anna, CM

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