Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everyone needs a holiday right? Well we have just got back from Califorina and it was soooooo nice. We flew to LA and met up with friends Ian & EK before they went off to Hawaii. Anyway while we were in LA we went to the best flea market I have ever been to. Its in Pasedena. Its at a high school on the 1st Sunday of the month. I have never seen anything like it. Four floors of a multi storey car park and I think 4 outdoor car parks. AMAZING! Anthony took this photo of vintage helmets. He ended up buying a 60's motorcross helmet and some vintage 80's Oakley goggles to finish off the look. He wont be able to wear them racing of course as the helmet would probably crack like and egg but they are pretty cool. If you get a chance to go there GO!
I was very careful while I was in LA to beware but didnt see any anywhere? I did go to Kid Robot though (love that shop)
After LA we went to see our friends Vania, Bob and Tyler in San Diego. They have lived there for three years now. When I emailed Vania to say we were coming I told her I wanted them to take us fishing. Bob and Tyler fish on the pier all the time. So we went (it was Vanias first time too) and I caught a makerel! Thats the first fish I have ever caught in my life. I threw him back though...

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