Thursday, August 06, 2009

Very bad blogger again...

I have been so busy this week the poor Custom Made blog has taken a back seat again. I am preparing for a couple of big fairs so its all been one big production fest and you know what its going swimmingly!
We have lots of new things that are going to make their debut at the fairs, the first one being the Bust Summer Craftacular. We did the first UK Bust craftacular at Christmas and it was ace! So now we are doing the Summer one- cant wait. Lots of my crafty pals will be taking part too so its going to be great.
As well as the make fest for the fairs lots of lovely stock has just left CM HQ for Hannah Zakari and The Red Door Gallery. Its been a busy week...
Thats it for now, I have lots more to tell you but that will be for another post.

Anna, CM x

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