Monday, March 02, 2009

Stuff I Love...Rar Rar Press

I love Rar Rar Press. This t-shirt is just the best. I have done Renengade Craft Fair in Chicago twice and both times didnt buy anything from Rar Rar Press! Why you ask? Well the first year I was so overcome with the craziness of the whole thing I just didnt do enough shopping. When I wasnt selling stuff like a crazy person I was wandering around trying to take everything in in a daze. Last year was pretty much taken up by trying to keep Custom Made dry and I didnt do much shopping then. So I finally made some online purchases just before Christmas and was happy I did. One of the things I bought was THIS and its framed and in pride of place in the house! Please go and check them out.

Anna, CM

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Anonymous said...

Super cool T-shirt!

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