Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You win some you lose some...

Well, the new stuff I was talking about in the last post has all come to fruition! So I will be adding some new items to the website this week.

One the new ranges sort of fell flat due to the fabric not being up to scratch when it arrived. So the little range for guys has been put on hold for a little while. Whilst I know it will be good, I'm not going to compromise the quality with a sub standard fabric. A sample was made yesterday and whilst it looked good conceptually the quality was not good. Back to sourcing something better for that one.

I will keep you posted with the other stuff. One of the items is a little kit! I love making kits so I am very excited to get this one ready for the shop.

Oh and if you have tickets to see the Mighty Booosh live get excited to see the show. We went last night and it was pretty cool. Lots of people were dressed up which was ace, there was an Old Greg sat near us and a little group of Mod Wolves! Super fun!

Anna, CM

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