Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Trip: Chicago to Los Angeles

Me in the Custom Made booth

We are back from our trip, phew what a trip! I even have a bit of a tan...
We started in Chicago for our second trip to Renegade Craft Fair
We loved it so much last year we had to return, this time there was a whole load of us not just me and Anthony. Our friends Vania, Bob & Tyler flew in from San Diego. Thank you Vania so much for helping us- you were the best! Also our buddies from the UK Jon & Michelle flew in to carry on with us all the way to L.A.
Me and Anthony (Photo from Renegade Craft Fairs flickr page)

The weather didnt hold out for us (the tail end of hurricane Ike got us) and we saw rain like never before- even for us English! But thanks to Vania and her bright idea (shower curtains) we were pretty watertight and people were still out shopping.

It was good to see people we met the year before and great to neet new people. Our neighbours this year were Berkley Illustration and very nice they were too. Go HERE to have a look at some of the greatt photos they took- a lot more than me.

Thanks to all the ace people of Chicago and the US for shopping with us on a rainy weekend xx

After Chicago we did a road trip across country to L.A stopping in Colorado, Las Vegas and finally L.A. If was the greatest. Now back to work...


melissa said...

too cool- thanks for renegading!

Melissa x

Michelle R said...

Cute photo! Love your stuff by the way and LOVE the earrings I bought at Renegade.

Michelle R

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