Saturday, August 16, 2008


Its a waiting game here at Custom Made at the moment. I am always waiting.....for fabric. Not because my fabric suppliers are slow, just some of them are far away.
I am hoping today will see the arrival of three new fabrics for the range. One of which I have designed myself and had printed! I am very excited about this one. For a sneaky view of this fabric go HERE.
The other two will appear on the website very soon as purses I hope.
The other thing I am rather excited about is a print I have designed for a bag. This has been on hold for a little while but hopefully will be in work next week.
I love adding new things to the range, its the best thing about Custom Made I think. When I was a teen I loved all the names on lipsticks and things and dreamed of having that job- naming the products. Now the dream had come true, not with sparkly lipsticks but with purses bags and things! Its the best!

Have a great weekend people.

Anna, CM

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