Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spoonflower fabric V motorbikes!

This lovely lovely fabric arrived just before I was about to leave to watch Anthony do this (below- hes the one in the middle of the photo) When I opened the package I felt like whipping up some creation right then! I dont think Anthony would have been very happy though!

Anyway I am back from getting showered with shale (thank you red fake raybans for saving my eyes) and ready to make some lovely things with my fabric from Spoonflower!
I have to say I think Kim & Stephen have set up a fantastic service. They have captured the hearts and imagination of a world of crafters with loads of ideas! Check out the Spoonflower flickr pool for yourself.
The reason I think it works is its an accessible service. There are no arsey sales team telling you your minimums are 100 metres per print its like buying fabric from a lovely online store instead (except you have to design the fabric too, which is the fun part!) There is plenty of information on how to do it on the blog
Now onto colour! I have read a few other peoples blogs regarding colour. There have been a few comments that the colors have not matched the original designs. I am 100% happy with the colour. The fabric came to me as I imagined it would with the colours as I imagined. The thing to remember is this is digital printing onto cotton. Its strengths are detail and the number of colours you can put down in one go. With this in mind I cant wait to get onto the next design session! I already have the next idea floating around in my head.
I also got an email from the guys yesterday saying the shipping charges had been re-assesed. Well I had a look and infact they are approx 1/2 of what they were! Brilliant!
Thank you Spoonflower!
Anna, CM
PS- the black Heidi scarf is in now, just not of the website yet. Should be today hopefully!

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