Thursday, August 07, 2008

I've done it!

I bought THESE Manimal moccasins!!! You know the ones I was lusting after in a previous post......
Well I did it, I never splash out on anything any more so I thought I needed too. What I didnt realise was, the soles are made from recycled tyres. Pretty cool right. I went for the bone colour you see in the picture and they are vegan too. Whilst I am not vegan, and do own some leather shoes I mostly wear canvas shoes, Converse and Vans. I dont rely on leather. Anyway I am super excited to get these but I'm going to have to wait until September when I see my friend Vania (I got them shipped to her house in San Diego)
So thank you to the lovely Angelina at Beklina the lovely ethical online store I bought them from. She was very helpful with my complicated checkout needs! I suggest you all go and shop there, the clothes and accessories are FAB!! Oh and check out the brand Manimal, beautiful handcrafting at its best

Anna, Custom Made

1 comment:

Laura Mele said...

They are soooo nice well done :)

Love your bags by the way, espesh the little owl one.

Laura Mele

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