Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mushie Cushies make kids go to bed!

Just over a week ago (yep it only took a week to get there!) I sent this Mushie Cushie to Australia. The proud owner is a little fella called Donovan. His Mum Victoria sent me a pic, here is it in his room (cute room!)
Infact he loves the cushion so much he's been asking to go to bed so he can be with his new cushion!! How cool is that!! Thank you so much Victoria for sending me the picture and thankyou Donovan for loving it.

Anna, CM x


Victoria said...

Thank YOU! Anything that makes bedtime a happy affair is a definite selling point :)

Anna, Custom Made said...

Thank you for the picture Victoria, its so great so see the things we make with happy owners!

Anna, CM x

Mia said...

what a sweet it!


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